“I believe in manicures.  I believe in overdressing.  I believe in primping at leisure and wearing lipstick.  I believe in pink.  I believe the happiest girls are the prettiest girls.”

— Audrey hepburn

I wasn't always comfortable in my own skin. There are still days that I struggle with insecurities. As women, we all have them. Especially in this day and age when photoshop is the norm. My standard of beauty here at Kim Lyn Photography is you. You are beautiful. You are enough. You are perfect.

I photograph you in natural lighting. I get to know YOU and what you LOVE about yourself. I photograph the beauty I see in you. It's that simple. I believe you are worth it. I believe together we can change what beauty means to us and to our children.

Blush Boudoir Details


All of the collections include digital downloads and you have access to our natural light studio!  Begins at $500.



The studio is in downtown Woonsocket, RI but we do offer on location sessions as well! Travel fee may apply.


Blush sessions usually take place weekday mornings due to wedding weekends. Book asap for best dates.



The experience was incredible! Her attitude and style is comfortable and she will make you feel the same. I knew I wanted to book with Kim based on her online portfolio of images beyond Blush - so moving and romantic.It's just as much a gift to yourself as it will be to your partner!

“It truly felt like my bff was on the other side of the camera.”


I was terrified to even do a shoot and kept making up excuses on why I wasn't ready. She makes me feel special and makes me love some of what I try to diminish about me. Not just physically but spiritually. Her boudoir sessions are a story about my confidence and who I am. 

“She sees past my insecurities and highlights what I love!”

Christine Dianne

I did a blush session with Kim as a wedding present for my fiancé . At first I was a little shy so I brought a more conservative outfit but Kim made me feel so comfortable that I quickly came out of my comfort zone. I loved how sexy and confident I felt during the session.

“I didn't expect it would be one of the greatest gifts to myself.”

Courtney W

I walked out of her studio feeling beautiful, sexy, confident, fierce, and strong. I was reminded that even though I have flaws, they are beautiful and make me who I am. The most empowering experience I have EVER endured.

“I didn't realize this would change my life. Kim is AMAZING.”



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