hey girl, i'm so happy you're here!

i'm kim lyn

My passion is photographing and inspiring women of all ages to live their best life full of confidence, love, and laughter.

the girl behind the camera

If I'm not behind a camera you may find me curled up with a book, sprawled out on the couch binging on Grey's Anatomy or Reign, and eating (basically anything deep fried, spicy, soupy, or chocolate covered). I have a slight addiction with Coca Cola + Mountain Dew...they are my version of coffee. I adore laughing and will dance no matter where I am. Give me the sun, sand, and coast and you'll make me a happy girl. 

As a photographer, I tell your story as it unfolds. I encourage authentic moments and give direction when needed. The greatest joy for me is silently capturing those quiet moments that you might forget a few years from now. I am so blessed to be surrounded by couples who truly believe in love. I adore my strong and beautiful Blush clients and I am so grateful to be on this journey called life with all of you.

mama.  wife.  girlboss.  woman.  

A few of my favorites

Being married to my best friend.

July 21, 2012 was the day we said I do and the day my life changed forever.  This man vowed to do life with me through the good and bad.  We laugh so hard our stomachs hurt and he lets me cry in his arms more than I care to admit.  He shares my love for food and rubs my back while we lounge on the couch after I've eaten too much.  He listens to my fears and pushes me to pursue my dreams.  He is my rock.

A few of my favorites

Seeing the world with my family.

It's crazy raising a house of all boys.  I grew up with two younger sisters so this is a completely different world for me.  When Shiloh and I got married my son Ayden gained 3 new brothers Issiah, Azariah, + Judah.  Being a full time Mom of 4 and a business owner has some hurdles but I wouldn't change it for anything.  Seeing these kids happy makes it all worthwhile. 

A few of my favorites

Eating all of the food.  Seriously.

My not so secret love affair.  There was a time in my life when you would catch me at the McDonald's drive thru at least once a day.  French fries have a special place in my heart.  Chicken wings all day.  Soups are my comfort food.  Soda gives me life.  While I enjoy coffee, coke + mountain dew are a daily staple for me.  Give me all the unhealthy caffeine.  Oh and everything needs to be spicy.

A few of my favorites

Photographing the best people ever.

I am literally blessed with the best clients.  My couples and their love stories inspire me.  Watching their families grow and photographing their children is a dream.  The women I photograph have literally become some of my best friends.  I can't say it enough.  I love you guys.  Your dreams, goals, and passions keep me going every single day.  You truly amaze me in all that you do.

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working with kim lyn 

I want to be part of it all.  Bring me along on your engagement sessions, let me celebrate with you on your wedding day.  I will be present not only as your photographer but as a friend.  I will bustle your dress, make sure your hair is on point, and cry with you during your father daughter dance.

Let's show the world what an amazing woman you are together.  Whether that's through boudoir or photographing headshots for your new business.  Document your journey into motherhood and embrace how much of a rockstar you truly are.

No matter what stage of life you're in, be all there.  Enjoy every moment and photograph it to share with the word.

what it's like

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Beauty comes in all shapes, sizes, and forms.  You are beautiful.  Today and every day.

I believe every woman is beautiful and deserves to feel that way each and every day.  I believe in existing in photographs and enjoying every moment we have.

live your best life



Live those passions.  Follow your dreams.  Believe in yourself because you are worth it.

I believe in going after your goals.  I believe in taking night classes while you're a single mom.  I believe that if you work hard you can accomplish anything!

Love conquers all.  Put each other first, remember the small things because they end up being the big things.

I believe in laughter, I believe in dancing even after the music stops. I believe in photographs to tell your story to your children and grandchildren. 


meet the team

Shiloh Chauvin

Seeing new places and getting to know new people to me, is what life is all about. Especially when you get to enjoy it with the people you love. More importantly I am a firm believer in "laugher is the best kind of medicine." With that being said, I will do what it takes to capture that moment when you're laughing or maybe even crying and give you something you can cherish for years to come with the people you love.

meet the team

Amy Lee

Photography has given me the opportunity to connect my love of art and people. I have always been in the service industry and love getting to know people but I always felt like something was missing. Then I picked up a camera and it truly challenged and inspired me.

meet the team

Christine Dianne
-makeup artist

"I believe all women are pretty without makeup - but the right makeup can be pretty powerful."  Bobbi Brown

I love meeting and getting to see people's journey.  Self love is a big part of that journey.  Being able to enhance natural beauty and making people feel good makes me love what I do.



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